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3 Worst Disadvantages of Listing Your Business in Yellow Pages
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  2. SEO vs. Yellow Pages Indexing
  3. Our thoughts & tips on small businesses, freelancers and sole traders
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Today, the internet has changed all that, with Google, Yelp and social media being the primary methods of listing your business. Still, the Yellow Pages remains one of the best local directories for business anywhere. The Yellow Pages distributes books directly to residents in small geographic areas. Getting a listing in the Yellow Pages could be a free listing, a paid listing or ad or an online listing. Call the Yellow Pages national directory number or go online.

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The toll-free number is Going online at www. It isn't uncommon for YP listings to appear, based on public record.

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If no listing exists, follow the prompts to get a listing. If you do have a listing, confirm that the details are correct, including your website, address and contact information. If you are calling The Yellow Pages, you'll need to give the representative your name, company name and your address to determine into which Yellow Pages directory your company would belong. Even though online searches enable people to search for listings anywhere, Yellow Pages targets user searches to help people find the best services close to where they home.

If you have an existing YP listing, make sure to review the entire profile, and not only the company contact information.

SEO vs. Yellow Pages Indexing

The profile helps consumers identify the company specialties and increase chances of results. Consumers are more likely to deal with an engaged listing rather than a cold listing that has no recent updates. Claim a listing for free by calling the number or going to the www. You'll be required to provide pertinent information about your company. While facts such as company name, address and phone number are easy to include, you will also want to provide a summary of your products or services.

A consumer might not see all of this upon an initial search, but search engines will see this, which helps your search engine return better results.

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  • Check for Existing Listings.

A paid listing could be a boldface or highlighted listing in the actual book or it could be given a priority listing online. This is different from an ad. Ads are more than listings, and you pay an amount that's based on the size of the ad. Yellow Pages web services are done in bulk. Yellow Pages Group have been making losses in the tens and hundreds of millions. They are now owned by a consortium of bank lenders who took over in and made their first profit for many years in The NZ Herald reported in January , the following, which relates to the trading company who actually sell the websites in NZ.

Energise Web have since rebuilt this website. There must be more to this.

Aboriginal art is not something you see a lot in New Zealand and I knew from previous Yellow Pages experience that some of their NZ services rely on resources in Australia. See any resemblance?

Our thoughts & tips on small businesses, freelancers and sole traders

These are predominantly duplicated websites with little more than the business name and the contact details changed. They even have the same bylines under their business name in the header. However, duplicating a website and changing the name and phone number in the title might take about 30 minutes if you were really slow.

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  8. Yellow is charging premium hosting prices for their free websites where copywriting is not provided. I think that this is really disrespectful toward the client.

    Yellow Pages Directory Software to Create Yellow Page Website in less than 45 minutes - SlashWP

    Where is the attention to detail? The consultation with the customer about what they are trying to achieve or how they want to be branded? Why would a website that is clearly nothing more than an un-personalised template be sold as a valuable internet marketing tool?

    source link Helping small businesses with their internet marketing is not like selling a matchbox-sized advert in a print directory. Buying a website that is effectively a copy of another website is a pointless waste of money for the customer. In their own comparison table, they say that they do SEO for the free Starter websites but do not provide personalised copy.

    However, they do provide copy duplicated from other websites and then make the customers website live. This is a contradiction. The website is not search engine optimised if it is full of duplicate content. I have since made a few corrections and removed their logos but it is quite hard to correct errors that I am unaware of and Michael is unwilling to identify.

    How To Add A Business To Yellow Pages For Free

    I have tried to present factual information from Yellow Pages websites and other comments are the opinions or experiences of my own or my clients. As of 20th June , I have seven days to comply or I am told I will be contacted by lawyers acting on behalf of Yellow Pages. Yellow have extended their internet offerings into a number of other areas, including SEO, Domain name registration and set up of Google Plus pages for business. Their SEO is a fairly new branch and I have yet to see a client that has paid for that service. Both times it took weeks to get the codes that allow the domains to be transferred.

    My first experience with Yellow and how they manage domain names was with a building consultant client. It took several weeks to get the UDAI to be able to access their own domain name.