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Comment required. Both claim 25 percent increases in the rate of sign ups in the last week. Share Selection. Now On Now on Page Six. Video length 55 seconds Mother bear pulls injured cub to safety in heartbreaking footage.

OoCities - Geocities Archive / Geocities Mirror

Now On Now on Decider. Popular Shopping. Don't forget to look in Google Groups as well. Aside from the wonderful whois. University Websites You will often find personal webpages hosted on sites owned by universities.

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A whois search will only get you the details of the university - not the creator of the pages you've found. You can then go to the staff directory section and see if there are contact details for John Doe. If not, then John Doe might be a student.

15 Megabytes of Fame: The GeoCities Story

Free ISP space Internet service providers give free web space to their subscribers. A whois search will only find you the contact details of the ISP and it is extremely unlikely that they will divulge the real name, address and phone number of one of their customers. However you can often derive the email address of the website creator by looking at their web address. From here you can do a keyword search for the email address or look in the newsgroups.

Yahoo! Buys Minority Interest In Home-Page Maker GeoCities

Free Web space The "Hotmail" of web space - convenient, free and possibly anonymous. The people behind these sites are often harder to trace than the owners of ISP web space sites.

https://tekabpamyf.tk Its parents, David Bohnett and John Rezner, wanted to create a virtual community that mimicked the real world, with pages hosted in "cyber cities" and other similarly nauseating concepts. Both teenagers and first-generation Internet dorks known then as "former SysOps " flocked to the service, setting up personal pages in the "cyber cities" of their choice.

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Despite GeoCities' built-in watermarks and on-page advertisements , the site's popularity continued to climb, and the shame its users should have felt for creating abhorrent content within its servers continued to remain repressed see: " A1PYRO'S WORLD ". As GeoCities matured, it decided to spread its wings and leap into the then-blossoming business of " portal pages ," joining such companies as Excite, Lycos, AltaVista, and HotBot all of which are now listed as being on life support at a San Francisco area assisted-living facility.

Standing proud, GeoCities reorganized itself with even more "cyber neighborhoods" that featured news, chat rooms, and polls in which users could express their opinions via multiple-choice forms.

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Perhaps most notably, shortly before its third birthday, GeoCities expanded its storage offering from 6MB to an almost-doubled 11MB -- nearly eight entire floppy disks worth of data. Yahoo removed many of GeoCities' trademark assets, including the "cyber city" foundation of the service, and attempted to transform GeoCities into a profit-producing venture. It was around this time that GeoCities began showing the first symptoms of the medical issues that would plague it for the remainder of its life.