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Simply Google their name - "Betsy Wetsy" - and you can start a good trail. If you know what clubs, workplaces, interests, etc.

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You can also use the Google Phonebook to find both addresses and phone numbers if they're listed ; rp for residential listings, bp for business listings. Controversial search engine Zabasearch gives some people the heebie-jeebies ; however, Zabasearch ONLY returns results from what is already publicly accessible on the web just all in one place. For instance, Zabasearch returned my last two known addresses complete with phone numbers along with a Google search for my name.

For anything more substantial than that, I was asked to pony up some money for Intelius, a well-known pay-for-play investigative service.

No, thanks. Zabasearch is great for finding names, addresses, and phone numbers and sometimes birth dates quickly and easily. Here are the best vital records mega-sites for starting a vital records search:.

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If you're looking for something other than an unlisted or cell phone number yeah, sorry , you can find it online using these directories:. Criminal records are somewhat easy to track, though it varies by state. There are so many more great sites for public records. Here are a few more of my favorites:.

Morgan County Marriage Records

This list is by no means conclusive. However, if neither applicant is a resident of Georgia, you may only obtain your license in the county where the ceremony is performed. The license does not have an expiration date. Both parties must be present in order to obtain a marriage license.

Marriage Licenses and Certificates

Pre-marital blood test results are no longer required in the State of Georgia. The premarital education must be completed within 12 months prior to the application for a marriage license and the couple must undergo the education together. Please call for more information concerning the Certificate of Completion.

If either party has been divorced within the past 90 days, please be prepared to present a copy of the final divorce decree. After the license has been recorded and placed in the permanent files, you may obtain a certified copy.