Recidivism rate among convicted sex offenders

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NCJRS Abstract

A study of recidivism to sexual offences was conducted among Norwegian males who had received their first conviction for a sexual crime during the years Five hundred and forty-one out of a total of 1, offenders were randomly selected and followed by means of official and public register systems until the end of August No one was contacted personally by the investigators. The recidivism rate was Acts like incest, exploitation of someone in the custody of the perpetrator or similar felonies against so-called public morals were least likely to be repeated.

Most of the repeat offenders only had one single subsequent offence, either of the same type of crime as at the first or to a less severe crime.

Only a handful committed more than one repeat offence. A large number of the sexual offenders had committed others types of crimes, some prior to their first conviction for the sexual crime and some subsequent.

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Ellman contrasts that statement with the numbers from an authoritative meta-analysis of 21 recidivism studies by a team of leading scholars. It found that 32 percent of sex offenders assessed as a high risk to re-offend did so within 15 years. For offenders judged low risk, the number was 5 percent.

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  • Sex Offender Recidivism: A Simple Question?
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  • Sex Offender Recidivism: A Simple Question.

And for high-risk offenders who made it 16 years with no re-offenses, their re-offense rate thereafter was zero. But are those the right figures?

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Because of that, they say, official re-offense rates may be dramatic underestimates. The Council goes on to offer a hypothetical: If percent of a sample of released sex offenders commit another sex crime but the rate of reporting is only 12 percent and only half of those reported are convicted, the recidivism rate would be listed as only 6 percent.

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Slate’s Use of Your Data

Claims like that one are increasingly popular among those who argue for the necessity of sex registries. How can groups claim there is low recidivism if the majority of these crimes are not even reported? Those proponents may have been helped by language in a brief released last July by the Department of Justice office responsible for implementing federal sex offender laws.

By comparison, 6 percent of defendants charged with assault, 11 percent of defendants charged with robbery, and 12 percent of defendants charged with burglary were arrested for felonies while on bail.

Can Restorative Justice Solve Walmart’s Crime Problem?

The fact that 97 percent of the people charged with rape or sexual assault were not arrested for a new felony while free on bail certainly seems worth considering if you are trying to assess the case for denying such defendants bail as a group. So does the fact that other kinds of defendants—defendants who are not subject to a categorical bail ban in Arizona—are more likely to be arrested for felonies while on bail. Even if you think Arizona's bail ban is good policy or at least constitutional , you should be troubled by the continued judicial reliance on repeatedly refuted claims about sex offenders that were erroneously endorsed by the Supreme Court 16 years ago.

Recidivism rates for sex offenders are not "higher than the average for other types of criminals" with the exception of murderers , and they are nowhere near as high as Justice Kennedy claimed in the ruling that everyone keeps quoting.

Sex offender registry

In cases that hinge on the danger posed by sex offenders, those facts should matter. Charles Oliver Ciaramella Christian Britschgi Zuri Davis Property Rights.

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