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Canadian Bill of Rights
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Exigent Circumstances. Police are not required to obtain a search warrant if they reasonably believe that evidence may be destroyed or others may be placed in danger in the time it would take to secure the warrant. Automobile Exception. An officer may search a vehicle if they have a reasonable belief that contraband is contained inside the vehicle. Hot Pursuit. Police may enter a private dwelling if they are in "hot pursuit" of a fleeing criminal. Once inside a dwelling, police may search the entire area without first obtaining a search warrant. Criminal Law.

Executive Summary

Aggravating and Mitigating Factors. Types of Bail. Bail Algorithms. Bail Schedules. Bail While Pursuing an Appeal.

Bail Bond Agents and Bounty Hunters. Release on Own Recognizance.

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  • Search and Seizure Frequently Asked Questions.
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Restitution for Crime Victims. Reasons to Accept a Plea Bargain.

How to Apply to Law School: GPA and LSAT

Withdrawing a Guilty Plea. Ineffective Assistance of Counsel in Plea Bargaining. How Judges Review Plea Bargains.


Finalizing a Plea Bargain. Immunity for Testimony. Offense Classification. Imperfect Self-Defense. Admissibilty of Evidence. Criminal Appeals. Motions for a New Trial. Competency to Stand Trial.

Private Timber Marks

Judgments of Acquittal. Miranda Rights. Right to an Attorney. The Right to a Public Defender. The Constitutional Right to Silence. Custodial Interrogation. Involuntary Confessions. Waiver of Miranda Rights.

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Using Post-Arrest Silence at Trial. Miranda Rights for Students. Exceptions to the Exclusionary Rule. Police Stops on the Street. Right to Record Police Officers. Arrests and Arrest Warrants. Use of Force in Resisting Arrest. Timely Arrests. Probable Cause and Probable Cause Hearings. Other Constitutional Rights.

Right to a Speedy Trial.

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Right to a Public Trial. Double Jeopardy. Discovery in Criminal Cases. Interviewing Prosecution Witnesses. Preserving Evidence. Hearsay in Criminal Cases. Stages of a Criminal Case. Stages of a Criminal Trial. Search Warrant Requirement. Search and Seizure Rules. Consent to a Search. Consent to Home Searches.

Robert G Howell

Car Searches. Searches Incident to Arrest. The Good-Faith Exception. The Patriot Act. The Knock-Notice Rule. Search Warrants.

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Drug Crimes. Drug Manufacturing.

Canadian property law - Wikipedia

Drug Possession. Drug Trafficking. Medical Marijuana.