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How do you track the owner of a phone number?
  1. 7 Ways Telemarketers Get Your Cell Phone Number
  2. How to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free with the Number of the Cell Phone
  3. How to Find a Person’s Phone Number
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For more information on searching phone numbers on Facebook, refer to this community answer.

7 Ways Telemarketers Get Your Cell Phone Number

If action is required, this empowers you with more information. So what do you do if the phone number is blocked and the caller is unknown? Try Trapcall to first unmask a phone number, and then follow the steps above! Other apps allow you to track phone numbers you receive calls from, and empower you with information on the location, name, and type of phone number you received a call from. Tracking phone numbers is really quite simple!

How to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free with the Number of the Cell Phone

How do you track phone number locations? Image Source How do you track the owner of a phone number? Image Source A service like Whitepages scans public records on an individual or business to provide you with detailed insights on a person or phone number. Take back your privacy.

There are thousands of users satisfied with Findandtrace.

We offer one of the best tracking solution among other tracking services in India. Here you get complete details of the complete mobile number. To locate any phone number in United states or in India, just type the telephone in the search box provided, you can get complete information like operator, Location , GPS information, Service Network provider, etc. There are two ways you can use reverse lookup to track a phone number: using search engines and through an app.

Track Someone's Current Mobile Number Location Free Online using GPS and IMEI

Search engines such as Google, Bing and other web browsers are a rich source of data. So why not use it to get information about the number you are tracking?

How to Find a Person’s Phone Number

Through reverse phone lookup, you can use Google to track a phone number. If you want to know how to trace a number, TrueCaller is one of the reverse phone lookup apps that you can use. TrueCaller which has over 50 million users in Africa from which 3. The app tends to go as far as giving a name and face to a specific number. It is compatible with various smartphones including Android, windows phone and iOS.

To identify who the caller might be, this app requires WI-FI or mobile data. Once you install Trucaller, anytime you get an unknown number, the app will quickly search through its database and show you the name via a popup window on your phone. Trucaller works like a reverse phone lookup. Most people tend to link their social media accounts with their phone numbers. To find a specific phone number using a social media platform such as Facebook, all you need to do is enter the number in the search bar. Any profiles associated with that number will be displayed in the search results.

As a result of such tracking methods, you get empowered with more information linked to that unknown number. Nowadays, knowing how to trace a cell phone number current location is important especially in cases where you have lost your cell phone, or it has been stolen. Furthermore, you can also use the tricks on how to find someone's location by cell phone number to know the whereabouts of your child, elderly parents, family members with special needs, partners, and spouses.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to trace the current location of a mobile number.

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Using Google, you can track a phone number without the intended person knowing. However, sometimes knowing who the number belongs to is not enough.

How to Track a Number in South Africa in ▷ Briefly SA

Using Google maps, you can go further and trace the phone number's location. How to find someone's location by cell phone number? There are many reasons why a person would want to trace a cell phone number's current location. Online software apps and websites can help track the precise location of a mobile device using a number and most of them are free.

The following are software applications and websites that you can use to trace a mobile number. Tracking a cell phone location is possible thanks to GPS cell phone locator.